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"Art is partly communication, but only partly. The rest is discovery."
"We travel not to escape, but for life to not escape us."


With a camera, time becomes a sea of moments to capture. Through the click of a button, those fleeting moments are remembered long past their time.

Photography is a means of both communicating and discovering our world. Frame by frame, place by place, moment by moment, it can give us a richer, different, more beautiful, or more honest perspective of our world, lest we let life and all its complexity escape us.


"Cripe is a photographer drawn to the iconic imagery of the desert but she finds a way to capture a certain feeling – that personal feeling you get when you take a few steps into the open spaces of the desert and a sense of the quiet drama of the Mojave seems like it’s yours for the moment.

The California Poppies are there, in the moment, for you. The Joshua Trees, silhouetted against the morning sun are part of your own story. There is a purpose to it all that stands just behind the words in your head. When you look at Cripe’s photos, you feel that the purpose is coming into focus."

- excerpt from 'Desert Wonderland' show at
Sagebrush Cafe

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