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Ruby Beach

Olympic National Park, WA

November 2019

Natural, wild, and expansive. That's what Ruby Beach felt like. Most the beaches that I know, coming from California, are crowded, trampled, and trashy. I've never known a beach that didn't have buildings lining it, as far as one could see. Apart from the Dungeness Spit we visited prior, this beach was one of the most untouched I'd experienced, and one of the most vast.

Though we debated it significantly, our little team decided to make the jump (literally) and cross a wide creek that flowed from the forested cliffs down to the ocean. Just wider than our jump and just deeper than our boots, two of us wound up a bit soggy from the effort, but we, nonetheless, made it across. I felt a bit strange doing so, for we quickly left all the other beach visitors behind, with not even one other group daring to cross as we did. Unfettered, we ran about on the larger portion of the beach alone us three, made more accessible by the low tide.