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Storm Puddle

Winter walks in the desert are so lovely. While it can often be cold and blustery with the valley's low temps and high winds, winter rain storms are forever beautiful. When paired with the rising or setting sun, the sky, itself is a canvas.

While my mother recovered from surgery, we'd take slow walks in the desert to get her out and slowly build up her strength. It was a lovely winter season; we had several showers and a lot of dramatic skies. After a good rain, the water diverts to this little wash, making it somewhat of a seasonal pond... or very large puddle.

I have yet to see this spot fill as it did that year and I'm thankful I was able to capture this moment.

Medium Canvas | 16" x 20"
Solid-Faced Canvas Wrap - Genuine artist canvas sealed with backing and mounted on high-density wood fiberboard, this option does not require framing and adds an artistic, painterly quality to the photographs.
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